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dental care

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At Maxim’s Family Dentistry, our team aims to provide personalized dental treatment for patients who want to maintain a winning smile. We correct aesthetic imperfections as well as improve both oral health and the function of your teeth through our progressive dental treatments. Please take a look through our website to familiarize yourself with the treatments we offer. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, please contact our practice today! Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with all your questions and concerns.
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Get Help When You Need It Most

dental emergency

Here at Maxim’s Family Dentistry, we make sure to be available for you and your family’s emergencies. The following are some of the most common emergencies.
Primarily, there are 3 causes of a toothache. It can be because of a dying nerve in the tooth, gum or tooth infection or abnormal pressure on the tooth. Whatever the cause may be, appropriate treatments should be done to address the problem before it develops to something severe.
sensitive tooth
Oftentimes, tooth sensitivity is usually due to sweet, cold, or hot food and beverages or even biting. If not taken cared of immediately, irreversible damages can happen to the nerve. So it is best to get your tooth assessed before it’s too late.
Nerve infection often results in the swelling of the tooth and gums. This can make a patient feel extremely uncomfortable and requires immediate dental attention.
These can be caused by an accident or gradual wear. Either way, varying types of treatment are available based on severity.
Dental emergencies can occur at any place or time and immediate treatment is essential to reduce pain, and even prevent more damage and complications. We, at Maxim’s Family Dentistry, are aware of the importance of a timely assessment and treatment of a dental emergency. Quick evaluation and treatment in a dental emergency is very important. If you believe you are experiencing one, please don’t hesitate to contact our office and you will be given instructions on what to do.
Protect & Repair Infected Teeth


Endodontics involve the treatment of the pulp (root canal) and the surrounding tissues around the tooth. When a tooth is severely damaged because of decay and infection, the last alternative is root canal therapy. Such treatment is designed to address the symptoms of an infected tooth and sterilize the surrounding area to prevent further complications. In this treatment, the pulp is removed. Then the nerve chamber is disinfected and cleaned to remove the bacteria. After that, a filling material is applied to seal the nerves. The next step involves affixing a custom-made dental crown to reinforce the tooth structure. Endodontics can be quite complicated, but our seasoned dental team will be very happy to discuss with you your options. So if you have concerns regarding root canal therapy, feel free to give us a call today!
Gentle, Pain-Free Treatment

tooth/ wisdom tooth extraction

There are times that a tooth that has been badly cracked or extensively damaged that it simply cannot be saved by treatments such as root canal therapy. Not only that but cases where wisdom teeth can be in a bad position that it becomes impacted and can damage neighbouring healthy teeth, bone, gum tissue, and even nerves and blood vessels. For some cases, the most effective method of addressing such problems is extraction. However, don’t be discouraged. Our caring team here at Maxim’s Family Dentistry can carefully extract a tooth that’s beyond saving. With our sedation dentistry options, we can ensure maximum comfort during removal. Our experienced team can also suggest dental implants and other options that can replace missing teeth for a natural-looking smile with complete function. So, for concerns, call our office today.

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